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Band-Type Beveling Machine
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Band-Type Pipe Cutting And Beveling Machine

Band cutting 48 pipe

Band cutting 48" pipe

The H & M Band-Type Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine is fast, accurate and versatile. A single operator can position the band and beveling machine head on 48″-diameter pipe in about five minutes. The H & M motorized beveling head is constructed of cast aluminum. Its lightweight, compact design allows for easy one-man setup and operation. Seventeen different stainless steel bands provide a cutting range of 10″- to 96″-diameter pipe, plus special bands are available for cutting pipe up to 20 feet in diameter.

Each H & M stainless steel band overlaps numerous pipe sizes making the bands very economical:

  • Automatically compensates for over-sized or under-sized pipe
  • Unaffected by dope or coating on the pipe
  • Assures accuracy – overlapping squares up the band
  • Conforms to out-of-round pipe

The H & M motorized beveling machine head incorporates a rugged, lightweight, cast aluminum chassis offering the following features:

  • Portable (weighs only 18 lbs.)
  • Designed to work on all H & M stainless steel bands
  • Equipped with a 90-volt DC motor
  • Variable speed control box with forward and reverse capabilities
  • Plasma speeds (optional)
  • 220 volt (optional)

H & M Manual Beveling Machine Head

  • Rugged, lightweight cas aluminum chassis
  • Easily portable at only 20 lbs.
  • Works with all H & M stainless steel bands
  • Fitted with an 8.5′ flexible drive cable and crank handle
  • No electricity required

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